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PANORAMIC is a simple and user-friendly language using the syntax of the famous Basic language.

It has been designed to be easy to use.

This software is named "PANORAMIC" because it has a very large field of activities: system objects, sounds, musics, pictures, movies, 2D drawings, 3D worlds (with 3D objects, 3D camera, 3D light), text files, EXCEL driving, etc, etc.

Today it manages 735 statements.

Executable files (EXE) can be generated to create and distribute autonomous applications.

PANORAMIC is a portable software which can be used with a flash disk, without any installation process.

Freeware versions are ready to be downloaded:
- PANORAMIC_EDITOR to build and master your application from scratch,
- PANORAMIC_IDE to be helped by a graphical interface to create your application.

These versions run under Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1.

Be careful, PANORAMIC is still under development and may have bugs!

NEW : a snapshot of the current version of Panoramic for Android is available.

Very easy to use:

Only 2 lines to create a button with an explanation

button 1

caption 1,"Save File"

Only 3 lines to create a explaining button which executes a program when clicked

button 1

caption 1,"Save File"

on_click 1, program

Only 2 lines to create a 3D world containing a teapot

scene3d 1

3d_teapot 1


Able to manage a lot of system objects, for instance:

button edit
alpha combo
option list
check memo
form picture


progress_bar scroll_bar



Limited release. It's just a snapshot of current development, not usable for normal use.
All the features of Basic are available. Some features on objects, drawing, files are still in development and do not work normally.
There is no SCENE2D, and no SCENE3D.
Except an "installation and use" procedure, there is not available documentation yet. But Panoramic for Android is a reality.

Snapshot of what is cooking on November 7, 2014 (executable to be transferred on a phone):


Installation and use procedure (pdf format):

PANORAMIC for ANDROID, Installation and use


Text editor to create and modify the source, to run it and to generate standalone applications.

This editor is available for the part of users who want to master everything of their application from scratch. The objects are not created by a drag and drop method, but by coding them.

To use it, just run the .EXE file, no DLL and no installation are necessary. A help is included and available at run time.

A free version is available:

Release 0.9.28 dated June 25, 2017 : PANORAMIC_EDITOR

Download the DDL necessary to use parallel port: inpout32.dll

Visit the site of a PANORAMIC addict (Klaus) with a lot of sources:

Welcome to the Klaus site


Developer : Jack

Last update of this page : October 12, 2018