1 - Purpose of proposed Software

2- How to create an Object in PANORAMIC_EDITOR

1 - Purpose of proposed Softwares


With PANORAMIC_DESIGNER you create the graphical interface of your application. You place and re-sizes with the mouse the objects that you want to put on your FORM and that you find in the banner.

For that, you click in the banner on the object you need (for example BUTTON), then you click on your FORM : a BUTTON is created.

Then, by a "Drag and Drop", you put it there where you want. The same technique of "Drag and Drop" on the 8 handles which surround this button enables you the re-sizing. All the modifications you make are displayed in the Object Inspector.

When the user interface pleases to you, you can save it. Two files are then created : one "file.bas" which represents the source code of the objects of your application and a "file.frm" which represents the coding of the objects and their parameters (the format).

If you want modify your application later, this is this "file.frm" which will be read by PANORAMIC_DESIGNER.


Roughly, with PANORAMIC_EDITOR, you can modify your source code, execute it and create an executable.

You can :

- Create completely your source code in PANORAMIC_EDITOR,

- Or create your source with any text editor or word processing, save it in text format with .bas as extension, then load it in PANORAMIC_EDITOR (command File / Load),

- Or use the file.bas generated by PANORAMIC_EDITOR to enrich it.

In any case, you can test it by executing it : RUN, or F9 or click on the flash icon.

The button "Color Keywords" provides you with the mean to check your code before executing by a "syntax color process" : all your keywords must be colored, otherwise you made a typing mistake in a keyword !

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2 - How to create an Object in PANORAMIC_EDITOR

An object is created when its type is followed by a number : each object has a number defined at its creation and this number will be used for any action on this object.

By default, every object is created on the form number 0. This form is automatically created. In PANORAMIC_EDITOR, if you RUN a program without any line (empty source), this form will be appear at execution. This object number 0 cannot be deleted, but can be hiden.

How to create a button and to place it:


button 1

top 1,50

left 1,100

then, click on RUN (or press F9)


The results are :

- A FORM is automatically created (It has the number 0),

- A BUTTON (with standard size) is created on the FORM (it has the internal number 1),

- It is located at 50 pixels from the top edge of the FORM and at 100 pixels from the left edge of the Form.

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Updated : June 3, 2007