Integrated Developement Environment



It is the Integrated Development Environment of the PANORAMIC language.

It makes possible:

- to create directly the interface of your application with the mouse : you choose your objects, you drop and resize them on the main form (method of "drag and drop"),

- to create and edit the specific source code of your application,

- to execute the source to test your application and to observe its aspects and behaviours,

- to generate executable files and stand-alone applications which can be distributed and used without PANORAMIC,

- to save your work,

- to load your saved work,

- to check if your syntax is correct with the highlight syntax function,

- to have an help on the syntax and the use of commands and functions,

- to chose the working language (english or french).

No library, no DLL, no special manipulation are necessary to use PANORAMIC : it is ready for use.
In the same way, the executable files you create need no DLL, no library to run : they are portable and independent. They can be for instance used simply from a flash disk.

Snapshot of the Integrated Development Environment when it starts:

The last full version is: Release 0.9.20 dated January 3, 2011

Last update of this page : July 14, 2016